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Micah The Brave

Micah Mandes is a young man with a passion for silly jokes and baseball. He enjoys playing ball in the Over the Mountain Miracle League in Birmingham, Alabama. His favorite team to follow, though, is the Atlanta Braves.

Born very premature and with severe chronic lung disease, Micah spent most of his first 12 years at home under constant medical care. He discovered Braves baseball on TV as a little guy when he heard Mr. Ernie Johnson, Sr. announcing a Braves game and realized he shared the name of his favorite Sesame Street character. Thus began his fascination with the Braves. He got to meet Mr. Ernie at the old home of the Braves, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

Micah has collected every Braves videotape of the special championship years in the early 1990’s. He can give you all kinds of game stats on Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddox. In March of this year, Micah will attend his 15th Braves Spring Training and can’t wait to see Chipper there again.

When the opportunity arose for Micah to meet John Smoltz and hear him speak at the Flint River FCA banquet on Feb 11th, 2016 he was thrilled. Micah talked endlessly about meeting Smoltz, and relating his stats and his big games. And then, just before the banquet, Micah got sick and was not able to travel to Warner Robins for the special event.

On the evening of the event, Debbie Crenshaw (Flint River FCA Leadership Board Member) talked to John Smoltz about Micah and his love for him, the Braves and for silly jokes. The result is a video John made for Micah.

The picture captured of Micah’s reaction while watching the video says it all.

Thank you, John Smoltz, for blessing one young man’s heart by giving a few minutes of yourself.

 Check out our Facebook page to see a personal message from John Smoltz to Micah.